Here’s more Exercise for you!

Benefits of physical activity

20 Exercise Benefits | Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance

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Mental, emotional, social and of course physical benefits

It leads to a well-rounded lifestyle

Boost your energy and mood and self-esteem

Lower blood pressure

Improve memory

Lengthens life span

Strengthen bones and lose weight

Lower cancer risk. It’s all through exercise!


How to get exercise in your day

Take the stairs

Walk a little after school, work or on your lunch time

get off the bus farther from the destination to add a little walk

Find ways to do walking everywhere

Set aside time to travel on foot or bike

Count your steps to create incentive, use a pedometer or app on your phone or fitness device

Have a friend join you; nothing beats a workout with a little competition

Exercise with your family


It’s the little things that count

Just 30 minutes a day three times a week is all you need

Or 15 min per day

Or get in 2 hours one day a week of intense cardio could also cover your basis.

Alternate your routine; mix it up to keep your mind and body guessing

There are many ways to have fun working out without drudgery.




Love yourself

What is it that makes you unique? What do you love about you?


body figure





What makes you love yourself? Can you list off a few positive characteristics?

If you have a journal list them there, so you never forget. Sometimes bullies come and want to point out what your not or what they deem different but you can come back with positivity. Bullies need to know you love yourself. So practice it now and know why you love youself and when you need to tell someone you can rattle off your list.

You got just what you need for this thing called life, and what ever place your in, so don’t let anyone tell you any different. Love your first. Appreciate your self. Don’t worry about what your missing or what your not. That doesn’t really matter.

Whose says you can’t become or get those things in two or three or ten years. So don’t worry?

When your birthday comes what can you celebrate beside another year?

Here is a song I like by current pop singer Hailee Steinfield Love Myself. 

Feel better when I…


What makes you feel great or good about yourself? Are you good at anything?

Write it down and remember it cause that will, possibly, make you feel good on a bad day. Anything good and positive do it daily. You want to feel good, right?

Meghan Trainor, a secular pop singer has a song that says dancing, is what makes her feel better.

I realize often times, the best days are when I’ve had a good night sleep, drank lots of water, got to some place on time and exercised the night before. I am better when I implement good habits into my day or week.

Good habits range from joining a larger group of people doing a good cause whether at church or my own interest groups to doing good for myself and my body. I feel better when I see my friends and we hang out and chill. I feel better when I do Zumba and dance or listen to music. I feel better always when I take the time to pray.

What about you? What do you feel better about once you have done it? What makes you better?

Here is a link to youtube song  to make you feel better by Meghan Trainor: “Better when I’m dancing.







Music is like one of my favs of sorts. It’s a way to stay happy and pumped up and upbeat. My relaxing retreat for those “off days” is always a good positive song, it changes the mood of the day. I love a good encouraging positive playlist. Here are a few of my go to songs that are pretty cool, uplifting and empowering. Stay positively empowered. Find them on youtube. =)

Christian Artist
Self esteem songs
“Beautiful girl” By Trinity 5-7
“Through Your eyes” by Britt Nicole
“Gold” by Britt Nicole
“Headphones” by Britt Nicole
“Flaws” Kierra Sheard
Empowering songs
“Love  with your Life” Hollyn
“All I need is you” Hollyn
“Alive” Hillsong Young and Free
“Hang on” Kierra Sheard
“Me without you” by TobyMac
“Overcomer” by Mandisa
“God is with you” by Mandisa
“Put a praise on it “Tasha Cobbs
Also these particular songs are by non christian artist
empowering songs
“Who says” By Selena Gomez
“Beautiful” Christina Auguilera
“Fighter” by Christina Aguilera
“Try” by Callie Colbolt
 “Brave” by Sara Bareilles
 “Roar” by Katy Perry
Which ones are your favorite songs? And what songs do you want to add? Leave a suggestion in the comments. Thanks!

T-shirt worthy


T-shirt captions

Hey what does your T-shirt say?

If you wear t-shirts, which I am positive you have at one time or another which one in your closet is your favorite? We all have that fav. one!

Say tell me…does one of YOUR t-shirts tell the world a positive message or negative message?

Sometimes the messages floating around, are on the clothes we buy and see others wearing. So what massage are you giving to the world and what are you receiving? I rather read a shirt with a good motto on it like “Just do it.”

Well you can’t do everything but the things you can do, why not give it a try, you know? So messages like that are encouraging especially when others may tell you “no you can’t try out for that sport or you can’t throw the ball.” Don’t listen to them, just do it.

I like the encouraging and motivating t-shirts the best. Even the ones who remind me of who I am in God’s eyes such as the words “Loved” or “Princess.”  Those are cool to have on.

So think about the clothes you wear  and the labels you wear. Everything says something. so what are you saying and thinking. Think positively and live positively at all times, that is the best way to be, you know!




Love the way …

One song at a time, CD album
Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is one of my favorite singers and Christian music artist. She is beautiful and loves God and sings about Him in her lyrics. Never forget God has your back in everyday and in every way, he is the Good father and the Good Shepard. If you need a song to express your love for God here are some nice one I really enjoy!

By Jamie Grace.”Hold me” 

By Jamie Grace.”Beautiful Day”


Encourage Yourself and You’ll go far!

On Facebook there is this video, of a parent getting their child ready for the day in the mirror and they would have this ritual of empowering sayings. One video was of a mother teaching her daughter and then I found another video of a Father also teaching his daughter to say positive things to herself. This is good so that she always had these  words in her head. I love how these parents are teaching their children the best technique for facing the world. As a young girl and a young lady we all need to remind ourselves, of who we are and be adamant about it.

It’s called pep talk time! What truth, do you say? How will you bless yourself with your hearing today?

Speak hope and life to yourself everyday. If you need some motivation, just type “self affirmation quotes” into google and find lots of positive things to read and say them about and often with conviction.

Stay positive!


Bubble Gum Thoughts

paperback on
paperback on

Bubble Gum Thoughts
Here is your next Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring read!
Hey Girl! Have you ever thought you were the only one going through what you go through? Feeling what you feel? Thinking what you think? You’re not alone.

Get a glimpse into the life of a girl maybe like you. A girl’s life is where school is fun and challenging, friends are one in a dozen and everything is about individuality and conformity. At times like this a girl has to know she isn’t alone.

Girls have three things: friends, family and their thoughts. Get the bigger picture here. Take a moment and chew some gum. Bubble gum is for celebrating you, not stressing over who does or doesn’t like you. No worries here, just be real and with encouragement, you can be who you were meant to be. This book will get you thinking. Just read and see!  God made you to have a bright future. It all starts now!

Get it!
Ok so you know that most girls have at least one struggle. We all do… No one is exempt. But that should not discourage you from keeping your head up.

Do what is right and good. Don’t let peer pressure distract you. Only you can be the best you!